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Art For Sale - Kristine Day



This looks sophisticated above a bureau, or a buffet table or a piano.  Though the reed organ the individual pieces used to make this beauty was not restored, it can restore a bland boring wall at your home or office.

Price – $1 K, but for you, $750, okay, make it $500

Please read this sentence and all these prices and the comments below with Russian Accent!  It will be more fun.

Skeletons in the Closet

We all have ’em.  Though this amazing piece of art looks pristine, it’s got some secrets.  Those skeletons just keep hanging around in our closets.  We avoid peeking in the closet like we would avoid the plague.  We need to do some major de-junking to get the stench out of the house.


$10,000, but for you $10,000 

 We like the stench too much

to part with this treasure!

But, for the right price, well…


Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, Life of PI, Gulliver’s travels, Treasure Island, Found, Moby Dick, Shipwrecked and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea , are all disturbing and familiar adventure stories of shipwrecks and danger.  This Shipwreck is where you don’t want to be, but this piece of art is awesome in the not-so-scary home or office or restaurant setting.

Price – $5 K But, for you, $3,000, okay, $2,000

Santa Fe

“Santa Fe, are you there?  Do you swear you won’t forget me?”  I won’t forget you.  This piece takes me back to Santa Fe and other Latin American destinations.  It can take you back there too.

Price – $10.000, but for you…? Money talks!

Take 2

See the photo below my art?  It was my reference photo.  It looks amazingly the same, you’ll need to take a second glance, they’re so much alike.

Price – $5 K But, for you, $3,000, okay,$2,499.06

Remember the Russian accent , please. It will be more fun.


This steamer is going places, no doubt.  It was sailing ship at one time called La Tortuga, but it retired it’s sails to arrive more quickly, to your home. 

Price – $5 K But, for you, $3,000, okay,$2,499. 50


Southwest is where you’ll want to be with this in your home.  You’ll want it sitting right next to the window overlooking Mesa Verde and Monument Valley.

Price – $499 , okay, maybe $300, my son wants it, let’s see how much he wants it! 

Musical Trio

Looks can be deceiving.  You won’t believe these aren’t real instruments until you look a little closer.  You’ll see a key, a bug, a lizard, a heart, a trowel, poison dart blow gun and more.

Price – $1,999, Hm, $1,500 for you and your dog, no, $999.99 for your dog, but don’t let him chew on it.

Musical Collage

Feast your eyes on this delectable musical entree, Musical Collage.  It’s almost Baroque.  It is made with baroquen things.

Price – $4 K, Okay, forget it, just pay $2,499, or $2,500, that’s better for me.


Mine was claimed by my husband, but he’s willing to share it with those who love it as much as he does, but only those who will.

This is a silly game. Just give me $1,999, no more, no less!  We work out shipping when you contact me, okay!

Plugged in

Plugged In was made after Mine.  It’s a very fun piece with notes galore.  It’s a crazy wacky mixed up musical joy. 

Same here, no more games…Price – $1,999

Remeber accent.

Hurdy Gurdy

Though this may look like a hurdy gurdy, it’s not.  You can’t tell unless you pick it up to play it.  You couldn’t play it anyway, because chances are, you can’t play a hurdy gurdy, only very special people can.  Hurdy gurdys sounds as awesome as this looks real.  Making one that works is just too much to ask. 

Okay, back to games — Price – $509.26, unless you want to pay me $1 or 1.5 K

Organ 2

Feast your eyes on this delectable musical entree, “Organ 2.” After her father passed away, Kris went into his dark, scary basement where he kept his odds and ends and found an old organ which she quickly dissected.

Price – $1 K, but for you, $750, okay, make it $500.

Rusty Gears

This steampunk piece of art takes me back to the old days at my grandfather’s farm in Teton Valley, Idaho.  It reminds me of the old machinery rusting in the pasture, choked by overgrown poison ivy, red root, and bindweed.

It also reminds me of the Industrial Revolution when the people of the United States used the machines to build the wealthiest people in the world.



Price – $2,499, or $1,599, whichever is best for me, or maybe you. We decide together.


The scroll work was the work of my dad in the very shop I learned about tools and nails, and screws.  The pieces of organ I used came from a reed organ he tried to repair, but didn’t, couldn’t.  Only a master organ craftsman can. It looks great in a music room nest to a green houseplant.  Greenery comlements all of my natural wood art.

Price – $1,499, but for you, $750, okay, make it $500, no big deal.

Now, let’s negociate a price!


Start a Project! You pay me to make beautiful Assemblage for you, okay, no big deal, just for you. Give e-mail address below, please.